Handmade cushions for added comfort

Handmade cushions are the perfect way of dressing an armchair, sofa or window seat, adding comfort as well as a decorative finish. Cushions are also a ‘must have’ accessory on a bed where they make a soft support for reading or watching TV. They are a way of ringing the changes in a room, adding new colour, fabric pattern and texture to update the look without the cost.

We are able to make cushions in a complementary or contrasting fabric to go with the style of any room in your home. Cushions are a perfect way to use any remaining fabric left over from making your curtains.


Cushions in all shapes and sizes


We create cushions in any shape or size you can imagine – from small squares right up to large floor cushions.

If you fancy a more eclectic look, circular or even hexagonal cushions can be designed to fit your theme.

The surface of most cushions is formed from a single flat piece of fabric. We are able to use pleats and tucks to create a unique finish.

Cushions with decorative trimmings


The majority of cushions we make will be trimmed with piping along all the seams.

This may be in a matching or contrasting fabric.

The surface of the cushion may also be embellished with decorative trimmings, braids or beads creating a completely unique piece.