Soft furnishings

Curtains and upholstered pieces of furniture can be complemented with toning or contrasting soft furnishing accessories such as:

  • Cushions
  • Tie-backs
  • Throws
  • Bedheads
  • Bedspreads
  • Quilts
  • Table runners, cloths and napkins

Let your imagination run free. If you have an idea for an interior accessory which can be made in fabric just get in touch and we will make it a reality.



There is nothing more comfortable than a sofa or armchair with a selection of cushions. Use the same fabric as your curtains for a unified look. Plain cushions are a simple, versatile alternative whereas stripes and check give a fresh modern feel. Piping along the seams ensures the cushions look smart and protect the corners from wear.

Cushions can be made in all shapes and sizes, with or without a gusset which adds depth. Consider embellishing your cushions with applique or button closures.


If your curtains are very full and need to be drawn back away from the windows when open, then a set of matching tie-backs is the solution. They can be shaped to match your interior style and we will calculate the size required for your curtains. We will also install your tie-backs in the correct position.



Throws are often used on a sofa or bed for added warmth in the winter. Lightweight fabrics will be interlined to give the throw weight. Throws can be decorated with fringes or braid. Heavy fabrics may be left unlined and the edges finished carefully by hand.


If you like to read in bed then a softly padded headboard is a must have accessory for the bedroom. We will design the shape of the bedhead to suit the room and discuss the best fabrics to use. If the curtain fabric is of a suitable weight this may be used.


Bedspreads, Quilts and Valances

Before the advent of duvets, everyone had a quilt or bedspread on the bed. A bedspread added a touch of elegance to a bedroom. Lined and interlined, a bedspread can be made from a range of fabrics. You can also have a matching valance to hide underbed storage. We are able to devise valances for a variety of beds to ensure a perfect fit.