Roman blinds for a sophisticated look

The most popular style of blind for every room in the home is the Roman blind, which may be used to dress a window on its own, or be combined with curtains for added luxury and warmth. Roman blinds are particularly useful for very narrow, tall windows or where there is no room for traditional curtains to be drawn back. Blinds may be set inside the window next to the glass or across the front of the recess. The former is best used in a small room and takes less fabric.

Blackout Blinds

Roman blinds are usually lined with blackout fabric to keep out the light. Roman blinds made from finer fabrics will have both lining and interlining to create beautiful, distinct folds. In contrast, it is even possible to make Roman blinds using sheer material where a lightweight effect is required.


If you wish to use two different fabrics for your Roman blind, we are happy to advise on the best combination of complementary colours and textures. Narrow bands of contrasting plain material can be inset into floral, checked or striped blinds to great effect. For an eclectic look combine two patterned fabrics.

Our Roman blinds are compliant with the current child safety regulations. They are made using a robust and unique breakaway cog mechanism designed by Evans Textiles which causes the chain to break away from the headrail when too much pressure is applied.

….And we arrange the measuring and installation for a perfect finish.