Curtain Poles and Tracks

Key to completing the perfect look is combining your chosen curtain fabric and heading with the best curtain pole or track. The pole or track needs to be both practical and look attractive whether the curtains are open or closed. A track may be disguised with a tailor-made pelmet.

Curtain poles

There are two main parts to curtain poles – the pole itself and the finials which decorate each end of the pole. Curtain poles can be made of wood, metal, acrylic, or any other suitable material which allows the rings to slide effortlessly.

Wooden curtain poles

Wooden curtain poles, usually classical in design, are made in a variety of woods which are stained, painted or lacquered to complement your fabric and décor. Traditional wooden poles usually have a dark oak, light oak, antique pine or rosewood finish. They may be ‘reeded’, adding texture, interest and a touch of luxury to the surface of the wood.

Painted finishes on wooden poles ensure a perfect match to your fabric, wallpaper or paintwork. They can have a solid gloss, matt or silk finish or be distressed with a lime-wash effect which is particularly lovely for a vintage or French style of interior.


Metal curtain poles

The sleek finish of metal curtain poles suits modern interiors, whilst wrought iron, traditionally made by blacksmiths, sets off country style curtains in a period setting.

Stainless steel, nickel and chrome with polished, satin or brushed finished are stylish choices. Metal poles can be given a gold, brass or bronze finish all of which have a lustrous, opulent feel complementing sumptuous fabrics. Whatever you choose, we will help you select the right diameter of pole for your curtains and the correct positioning of the heading. There is no need for you to worry about installation, as we handle this for you.

Curtain Tracks

The main advantage of hanging your curtain on a track is that it can be shaped to fit the exact shape of your windows for example, bay windows. We only use metal tracks as they are far more robust than the plastic ones. If you are having bespoke made-to measure curtains, typically the weight of these will not work on a plastic track. We will measure up carefully to ensure that the track fits your window perfectly.

Tracks which overlap in the centre, where the two curtains meet, are particularly useful for keeping out draughts. If you wish to hide the track there are several options. A valance can be made to match the curtains and this is hung an additional, integrated rail which sits in front of the curtain track. Alternatively, we are able to design and make a fabric covered pelmet in a complementary style.

By installing a track with a corded closing system, the curtains can be drawn without touching them. We even have motorised closing systems with timers for when you are away or just want the house cosy after work.

In awkward situations, you may require a ceiling mounted curtain track, swing arms for dormer windows or door rods for a curtain to cover your external doors. Changing Views are happy to give you advice on all these decisions.