Curtain Headings

Once you have chosen your fabric, the next decision is the choice of curtain heading.

There are lots to choose from but these are some of our favourites.

Each curtain heading creates a different look and uses different amounts of fabric.

The style of heading should blend with your interior design.

tripple pleat bespoke curtains

Triple Pleat

The triple pleat is a curtain heading for a timeless, elegant, look; it is often used in traditional settings and looks great in living and dining rooms and main bedrooms.

tripple pleat bespoke curtains

Double Pleat

The double pleat, a version of the triple pleat, uses less fabric and gives a more informal look. It works very well where there is limited space for drawing back the curtains either side of the window.

tripple pleat bespoke curtains

Wave Heading

Wave curtains step away from tradition and bring a more innovative, contemporary style to any room. Using a specially designed track system creates a uniform flowing effect in the fabric and ensures the curtains hang perfectly.

tripple pleat bespoke curtains

Eyelet Heading

If you do not have much room for the curtain to hang either side of the window, then selecting eyelet headings is a great option. This style of curtain heading works well in a modern, minimalist setting and gives an airy, open look.

tripple pleat bespoke curtains

‘Trapezoid Heading

Many homes have windows that are odd shapes and sizes, such as trapezoid windows. While they add a unique look to a room or the outside of the house, they pose more difficulty when choosing curtains. Odd-shaped curtains or blinds are more expensive and can be a challenge. We have lots of experience in making curtains for triangular windows and can advise you on the best fabrics to use at these windows.


Goblet Pleat

Requiring a great deal of skill to create, the goblet pleat is created using gathered pleats held in a cylindrical shape with stuffing or buckram. It has a luxury finish and looks sensational in grand settings.

As part of our service, we will guide you through all the different curtain headings making sure they fit your curtain fabric, poles or tracks and the overall design of your room.

tripple pleat bespoke curtains

Pencil Pleat

The pencil pleat curtain heading has a neat, simple look. It can be hung on a pole or track and suits both formal and informal designs.

tripple pleat bespoke curtains

Inverted Pleat

Using lots of fabric, the inverted pleat is for sumptuous curtains. When closed this neat, curtain heading looks very effective. As a lot of curtain fabric is used to create these curtains, this heading is not suitable for narrow curtains or where there is limited space for the open curtain to hang – known as the stack back.

tripple pleat bespoke curtains

Gathered Curtain Heading

For an informal curtain heading, in a cottage or maybe a children’s bedroom, the gathered heading with its ruffled top gives a relaxed character to your room and doesn’t take huge amounts of fabric.