There is no doubt that adding unique, made-to-measure, soft furnishings to your home will give you pleasure for many years to come. Keeping your living room cosy and warm, offering privacy in the bedroom and the inspiration for your dining room décor, curtains are a key element in the design.

For a new baby or fresh guest room, let your imagination run free and add a touch of creativity.

Sumptuous curtain fabric for a formal setting

Everyone spends a great deal of time in their main reception rooms and selecting the best curtain treatments is a great investment. Whether you like a traditional or contemporary look, there are plain, striped, floral and geometric fabrics to fit the bill. The texture of a fabric is important too. Silks, with a light reflective sheen provide a touch of elegance; velvets are warm and tactile; linens, either plain, woven or printed can be used in a modern or traditional setting.

Gossamer threads for the lightest touch

The lightest of curtains are sheers and voiles. Traditionally used to provide privacy in overlooked rooms, the range of lightweight fabrics in a myriad of colours has grown over the years. A plain, sheer curtain adds a romantic air to a room.

Full length or window sill length curtains

Full length curtains provide a ‘wall’ of fabric, which must be carefully selected so as not to overwhelm a small room. Large floral patterns or bold plain colours are risky, but a potentially stunning choice and, of course, it is the combination of curtains, wall coverings, furniture and carpets which creates the overall look.

So often radiators are placed under windows. In this case, if you select full length curtains some heat will be lost behind the fabric.

Heat loss from draughty front doors can be reduced by having a single, full length interlined curtain hung from a door rail which swings back when the door is opened. This style of single curtain is also suitable for dormer windows where there is no room to draw back a traditional pair of curtains.

Nurseries, children’s bedrooms and playrooms

Nursery rhymes, fairy tales and children’s books are all inspirations for decorating children’s bedrooms and playrooms. Curtains, cushions and window seats can be chosen to go with the theme. Greens and yellows avoid the gender stereotype ‘pink for a girl’ and ‘blue for a boy’ selection.

If a theme is not for you, then checks or stripes are a timeless choice which will suit children of all ages.

A good night’s sleep

The bedroom is all about peace and quiet and the right soft furnishing creates the right atmosphere. Curtains or blinds should be interlined to keep the room warm and designed to keep out as much light as possible. We are able to make tie-backs and lampshades to match and bed valances, headboards, cushions, bed runners and bedspreads bring the whole design together.

Cameron Fuller