Not many of us had heard of hygge until last year when suddenly the Danish word became the latest trend – not just in interior design, but as a way of life. Pronounced hue-guh, the word loosely translates into being and feeling cosy. It’s a sense of wellbeing. For the interior design world, it has translated into soft furnishings that help create a cosy atmosphere.

Curtains play a fundamental part in creating a room that lives up the word hygge. Curtains created in a gorgeous fabric really can finish off a room. What better way to create those special moments with loved ones than with the curtains drawn and candles lit?

Cushions should be scattered around for lounging on and snuggling into. When it comes to colours, many people go for quite neutral shades such as white, cream, or even muted greys on their walls. Soft furnishings are still kept fairly neutral, though a splash of warm colour such as a burnt orange can be incorporated. If you don’t feel cosy surrounded by a neutral colour scheme then definitely add in some depth with browns, reds, and soft greens. Hygge styled homes utilise wood. It has a more natural look (for obvious reasons) and blends to create a cohesive feel. There are many stunning wooden curtain poles in a variety of finishes available.

For some, natural light in the room is very important and last year and into this, we have created more curtains using soft sheer fabrics. They are wonderful for letting through soft-muted natural light. Don’t forget about indoor light though. Lamps are excellent for creating a hygge atmosphere. Think about the fabric used on lampshades as different ones will let different levels of light shine through – creating the ambience you are seeking.

Hygge seems set to stay for a while and we are happy for that as it’s not just a trend but about making your home feel comfy and cozy… and who doesn’t want that? If you are struggling to create the look and feel you are after, we can help guide you on fabrics that will create that the warm, snuggly atmosphere you are looking to create.